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Nysta #6: Sea of Revenants


The fifth book in the Nysta series by Lucas Thorn.

He lurks in the dark waters, glowing eyes searching. His breath whispers on the wind and his words bring madness.


When Nysta is shipwrecked on the islands called the Crossbones, she didn't expect to be fighting for her life against  draug. And not just any draug. These ones were men, once. Raiders who'd waged a war of piracy down the Caspiellan coast. Raiders who promised their dead bodies to an ancient and terrible force.


For centuries, the Covenant has been held. The Madman had kept his promise and protected the islands. But the Covenant has been broken and the draug now hunt Fnordic and Caspiellan flesh alike.


She'll need to find out why if she hopes to survive. But Temple is an island which guards its secrets. And it has many. One could save her. One could enslave her. And one could drive her mad...

This is the elf Heroic Fantasy was waiting for. Blending the most brutal elements of Westerns and Hardboiled Detective fiction into Heroic Fantasy, the Nysta series offers a new breed of elf unlike any you've ever read.

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Beyond death, madness awaits.

"The setting and atmosphere are excellent as always." - Thok Zeta,

Nysta #5: The Wall of Darkest Shadow fifth in a NEW fantasy series

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Nysta #5: The Wall of Darkest Shadow

In the shadow of the Doomgate, a Caspiellan army has massed. Their weapons crave Fnordic blood. Their voices cry for the freedom of their abducted Queen.


On the other side, the defenders are split by betrayal when one of their own seeks to open the Doomgate for Rule. And he's got himself a cleric. On top of that, goblins infest the Wall itself and have turned its warped innards into a trap of death for those who try to enter.


But when everything looks lost, the defenders will be united by a woman. A woman whose fury cannot be contained. Whose spirit refuses to yield. She will crush the fledgling rebellion and lead the Empire's loyal forces in battle against the infamous Black Blades of Cornelia. And she'll kill them all.


Or die trying...

"Great origin story for 2 badass characters! Sex swearing and ultra violence, what's not to like. Four more words required." -

Hemlock and Melganaderna: Trail of the Necromancer first in a NEW fantasy series

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Hemlock and Melganaderna: Trail of the Necromancer


When the Dark Lord falls and Rule holds the world in his fist, the shadows will rise…


The King is dead. Murdered in cold blood. The Lord of Light himself rages at the crime.


Believing Hemlock has enchanted the King’s daughter, armies have gathered. Roused to violence, they follow the fledgling necromancer and the woman who loves him. A woman who carries the fabled axe, Torment. They came at first for justice. Then for revenge. Finally, for dominion.


For the Wall of the North is too big a prize to ignore.


But they should have let him go. Should have never followed him toward the Deadlands. Because his coming was foretold since the Night Age. And, with the grimoire of Lornx in his hands, he will bring necromancy back to the world. The dead will heed his call. The Shadowed Gates will open and spill their secrets to him alone, promising magic to rival even the last of the gods.


All he has to do, is take it.

Gritty. Blows you away with in your face emotion and plot. I'm hooked and this is not my usual type of read. - Ike,

Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King fourth in a NEW fantasy series

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Nysta #4: Blade of the Vampire King


The darkest shadows are within…


Urak’s Keep.


Once home to an unspeakable evil vanquished by Grim and Rule, it is now haunted by the tragic soul of Gul’Se, immortal wife to the Last of the Vampire Kings.


It is here the Grey Jackets have come, led by Hyrax and a mysterious elf named Willem. Chukshene is also there, drawn by the promise of forgotten knowledge and now driven by the need to recover his stolen grimoire before Hyrax can take it back to Rule. Then there’s the necromancer and the axewoman, desperate to flee the land of their birth.


The elf will face evil of all kinds on her path to Urak’s Keep. And she will burn with rage. For the darkness which consumes her soul is waking.


And it demands death.




And more death.

I have read all three books, and they keep blowing me away. You can put Lucas Thorn right up there with, Joe Abercrombie, and Andy Remic... -

Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage third in a NEW fantasy series

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Nysta #3: When Goblins Rage


Sometimes hate comes in small packages...


The Grey Jackets, Rule’s most fanatic of soldiers, have followed her from the ruins of Grimwood Creek and they'd like nothing more than to see her dead.


Turning to the relative safety of an ancient fort in the shadow of the vampire-haunted mountains called the Bloods, the elf finds herself in the company of a mercenary thirsting to test his skills against her own.


And, as if that wasn’t enough to contend with, hot on her heels is an army of goblins.


Goblins who appear to want nothing more than to send her screaming into the arms of their god for an eternity of suffering.


Looks like everyone wants the Shadowed Halls to open above her head. But what they never counted on was that when death’s gates open, Nysta wouldn’t be entering them alone. She’ll be taking everyone with her.


Provided, of course, she can rid herself of the fog trying to consume her mind…

If you're not a fan of gritty fantasy and gratuitous violence then this isn't the book for you.. - Amazon.Com

Nysta #2: Duel at Grimwood Creek second in a NEW fantasy series

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Nysta #2: Duel at Grimwood Creek


And then they heard the chains…


Still reeling from her confrontation with the mysterious Gaket, Nysta must summon all her strength to continue her pursuit of the Bloody Nine. Accompanied by the enigmatic warlock, Chukshene, she quickly finds herself battling even more of the insane creatures which haunt the Deadlands.


There are many chains in the Deadlands. But only one is strong enough to pull her toward that bloody confrontation where she will face Raste in a final and violent duel at Grimwood Creek.


"This is a very different kind of Elf. Think female "Dirty Harry" with pointy ears." - Lynndy,


"Yes, this is a tale of vengeance and woe. It is dark and has swear words in it. It works." - Hippy_Lettuce,

It first reads like a straight-up revenge story ala "Kill Bill," but the surprising ending is something hardcore fans of fantasy can sink their teeth into. - Jason M Hubbard,

Nysta#1: Revenge of the Elf First in a New Fantasy series.

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Nysta #1: Revenge of the elf


Nysta is a new kind of elf.


When nine killers rode out of the homestead with blood fresh on their hands, they reckoned that would be the end of it.


The lost spellslinger was looking for a way out. He figured Nysta could lead him to safety. And then there was the tragic creature born in the darkest shadows of legend. He reckoned she would fight the greatest fight of all.


But none of them counted on the violence she would unleash. Because in the Deadlands there is no forgiveness. No mercy.


Winter in the Deadlands could be cold. But the revenge of an elf would be colder.

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