Lucas Thorn

indie fantasy with a pulp-driven twist


Discover a City of Cruel Delights



A city of tough men. Tough women. Tough orks. Tough goblins. Tough gangs. And tough beef jerky.


Inspired by the concept of a fantasy-drenched Kowloon, it is a place where the only currency worth trading in is blood.


Some call it evil. Rule called it Tainted.


Nysta calls it beautiful.

Author's Note


I'd like to thank MR Fletcher, Rob J. Hayes, and the Cartographer's Guild, all of whom assisted in tracking down the artist behind a brutal map which inspired me to get mine done in a similar manner.


Jason Deem's style really made me think of what kind of map Nysta herself might scribble on a scrap of parchment. I gave him very little in the way of practical direction, and I think he's nailed what I was looking for. It's taken me many years to decide on a mapmaker, and I think I got very lucky.


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cover art by Amir Zand

cover art by Lente Scura
character art by Alexandru Munteanu
maps by Jason Deem


Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn