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Nysta #7 Assassin of Dragonclaw New Release!

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As an Indie author, one of the hardest challenges I face is how to build an audience to make enough with my writing to enjoy the freedom to keep writing at a pace which will satisfy my readers. I never wanted to be one of those authors who writes a book every ten years or so. I would much rather write a minimum of four per year.


My daily income isn't high. Add to that I'm an introvert who's estranged from his family. This means I'll never own my own home, and I still can't drive a car. I'm luckier than most, however, and I'm not looking for a free ride. What I'm looking for is simply a way to offer more value for more return on the only gift I have - my writing. One way I'm looking to supplement my income is via services such as Paypal and Patreon.


Having never used them, I'm not sure what kinds of things you'd like to see as a reward for helping me out. Obviously books are a great reward, but when you're giving more than the price, you'd like to know you're appreciated. And I'd like to appreciate you. If you've got some ideas, I'd love to hear them. Visit my Contact page and feel free to drop me a line or visit my many social hangouts. I keep a close eye on Facebook and Twitter and try to respond as quickly as I can.


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This is the news - 30.04.2017

Nysta #7: Assassin of Dragonclaw is now out. It's officially out there for you to read. Snap it up and consume it. CONSUME IT! Then drop by my Facebook or Twitter and tell me what you enjoyed the most. Maybe throw a review on Amazon or Goodreads. If you have a blog and ranted about it, let me know so I can link to you!


This is the news - 29.04.2017

Tomorrow is the release day for Nysta #7: Assassin of Dragonclaw. For now, you can read the Prologue up on my blog. This should hopefully get you in the mood! Also, check the maps section to see an update with a brand new map of the Fnordic Lands done in World of Warcraft style!


This is the news - 08.04.2017

Web design complete! Now uploading so you can enjoy it. Also, Pre-Orders are up for Nysta #7: Assassin of Dragonclaw! Finally! Snap up your pre-order now and help an indie author's ego inflate...


This is the news - 14.02.2017

I've almost finished the new website design. It looks cool, but I need to work harder on the graphics. Need to resize them. Also need to get some maps! I think I've finally found someone who looks cool enough to bring the Fnordic Lands to colourful life, and I hope to work with her.


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If you enjoyed the series, you can now send tips to the author via PayPal. As a struggling author who still rents his home and has one of those day jobs which guarantees he'll one day sleep under a bridge, Lucas is always delighted to earn a stray bottle of coke...

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