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"This is a very different kind of Elf. Think female "Dirty Harry" with pointy ears." - Lynnday,


"If you can't buy the book, then murder someone and roll their corpse for one. Or, y'know, borrow them from a friend. But read the story, pass the word to your friends. Teach an idiot to read, just so they too can enjoy what i have." - Mason Partman,


"Lucas Thorn quelled my prejudice of indies!" - JustAnotherReviewer,


"Great origin story for 2 badass characters! Sex swearing and ultra violence, what's not to like." - Zak,


"So there is this trend in stories where couples have to hate each other. Married people are miserable. Relationships never work out well. Lucas does the exact opposite with Hemlock and Melganaderna. They constantly support each other. There isn't any pointless drama between them. They are honest about their intentions. And they kill mostly anything that gets between them - what's not to like?" - Thok Zeta,

Assorted reviews for the Nysta Series

"I loved this book. It reminds me of a modern take on the Robert Howard Conan books I read as a kid, only way funnier." - G. Orton,


"A must read for anyone that enjoys a Elf that's not all rainbows and unicorns." - Richard62,


"You can put Lucas Thorn right up there with, Joe Abercrombie, and Andy Remic..." -

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Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn