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World of the Fnordic Lands

Discover a World of Violent Adventure

Our Lord divided Caspiella into Four Kingdoms. To each, he gave an army.


The Black Blades of Cornelia patrol the border between the north and the south. They are unmatched in strength of arms and have sworn to bring down the cursed Wall of the Dark Lord which bars our way to the Fnordic Lands.


The Grey Jackets inhabit the mountains of Leibersland to the south-east and live a monastic life. Stout of heart, their holy zeal is unquestioned. It is said that for our Lord they would march even into the Shadowed Halls.


Cunning and enigmatic, The Star Swords of Linkata control the seas to the west. What secrets they find in the embrace of the Seas of Blood we can only guess, for they keep their secrets well.


Farthest to the south in the heartland of Caspiella, lies Jalavnia, home to the Green Arms. They defend our borders from the barbarian hordes of Sharra who will surely receive our fullest attention once Fnordland is Cleansed of the Tainted.



- from In Defence of the Realm by Lux Corepith, being a crudely-translated extract of a Caspiellan text, The Tower of Light. It did not sell well outside of Doom's Reach and many were quickly turned to pulp.



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Author's Note


I spent a lot of years playing World of Warcraft. It might (not) surprise you, but I've been a Subtlety Rogue since vanilla despite how unpopular it was for a long, long time. I rolled Horde, because Ally is weak. Originally an ork because they're green. Then a Blood Elf because they were despised so much. I named my Blood Elf Nysta, and thus a legend was born.


Thank you, Blizzard. Though your game has no room for casual soloists such as myself, I love the world you created.



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cover art by Amir Zand

cover art by Lente Scura
character art by Alexandru Munteanu
maps by Jason Deem


Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn
Lucas Thorn